If you have any questions that are not listed below, feel free to contact our team here.

What makes Tough Tennis Academy different from other academies?

To put it simply, Tough Tennis Academy in Naples, FL stands out from the rest due of our highly experienced team and individual player attention that is simply unmatched at larger academies. We believe in providing individualized and focused training, so we maintain a maximum of a 1:4 coach to student ratio to ensure each player is receiving the attention they deserve. Our team is compromised of former collegiate and professional tennis players with years of experience developing high performance students.

What is included in your academy?

Our boutique tennis academy offers individual attention, tailored player development, and personalized training by focusing on physical training, mental conditioning, and extensive match play. Our academy is designed to help each player develop all aspects of their game – technical abilities, strategies, mental and physical acumen.

We focus on improving your child’s game style, strategy, tactics, shot selection, pattern development, footwork, tracking, recovery, positioning, and video analysis to ensure they are gaining and polishing the necessary skills to become a highly skilled player.

  • Extensive match play, physical training, and individual skill development

  • Mental conditioning

  • Video analysis

  • Chaperoned housing (limited space)

  • College placement assistance

  • Private lessons (for an additional fee)

How long does the program run?

Our tennis program requires a semester length commitment that runs in conjunction alongside the academic school year. For the 2018-2019 school year, our semesters run from August 13th - December 22nd and January 2nd - May 31st. However, we offer four different plans which you can view here.

Do you accept international students?

Absolutely! International students are welcomed to apply to our tennis academy located in Naples, FL. We have proudly trained students from all over the world including the Cayman Islands, India, Israel, Costa Rica, Colombia, Argentina, Barbados, etc.

Do you provide college placement assistance?

Yes! We’re extremely proud that our academy has a 100% college placement rate. Our instructors assist students with improving their UTR, selecting/applying to scholarships, and applying to their desired colleges.

Do your students participate in frequent tournaments?

Of course. Each student receives a customized tournament schedule at the beginning of their semester. Our students participate in a variety of tournaments ranging from COSAT, USTA, UTR, Junior Grand Slams, ITR Jr, Pro-Circuit events, open prized money tournaments, and more.

Do you offer housing?

Yes, we provide chaperoned housing with a curfew of 10:30 PM. However, we have limited spots available so you will have to inquire with our team to see if we have any openings.

How can my child apply to your academy?

Our tennis academy is highly selective and requires the prospective student and parent to undergo an extensive interview process and training evaluation period before making a decision - learn more about the application process here. To begin applying to our program, fill out our form online here.